Welcome to the Deathmatch Arena from the Napalm Team (NTDM). We hope you have a good hunting and a lot of  fun. Kill 'em all!

Download Deathmatch TC


Screenshots of  NTDM0001.Map

Screenshots of  NTDM0002.Map

Screenshots of  NTDM0003.Map

Screenshots of  NTDM0004.Map

Screenshots of  NTDM0005.Map

 (c) 2007 the NAPALM TEAM

This Map is a nearly exactly reproduction of an industrial site in Offenbach near Landau (Germany)

Download Deathmatch II TC

Screenshots of  DMII0001.Map

(c) 2007 the NAPALM TEAM

And a multiplayermap for the NAM - TC

DM001NAM (Attack and Defend)

Download DM001NAM.Zip

(c) 2007 the NAPALM TEAM

If you don`t have the NAM - TC yet, you can download it below

Download NAM-TC

(c) 1998 GT Interactive Software Corp

  ...and additional: 2 freaky techno videos by alphawolf

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